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Drone Video Production For Your Event Or Project

Drone video production

Drone video production is a new and exciting option that shows a bird's eye view of your Sarasota property or event. This affordable option is available to capture a new perspective of anything from a wedding to a concert to school events. If you're looking for a great video production option, drone video production is the place to start.

The experts at Apex Aerial Photo and Video are the experts in aerial photography in Sarasota. Our drone video production option utilizes the Phantom Pro and Inspire 2 drones from DJI and captures crisp 4K/5.2K cinematography.

Our aerial drone video production operations are FAA-approved to provide low-altitude drone aerial cinematography with high-quality cameras to capture every last detail. Drone video production is a great choice for showing the scope of an event, building, forest, or other event. Whatever project you need our drone video production for, we'll work with you to ensure you're getting the aerial photography option you desire.

Our drone video production is not the only option for aerial photography we have. If you're looking for a 3D imaging option for your land or property, our aerial mapping option is available.

To learn more about drone video production and how you can benefit, call Sarasota's aerial photography experts at Apex Aerial Photo and Video today at 941-306-4344 or complete our online request form.

When Can You Use Aerial Drone Video Production?

Aerial drone video production is a perfect option for numerous video production projects. No matter what type of video you're looking to produce, drone video production is an added bonus.

If you're working in real estate, drone video production can showcase properties that are for sale by showing the surrounding land and neighborhood. Buyers will receive a one-of-a-kind, unique view of the property, allowing for a 360 degree experience.

If you're working in events, marketing is one of your biggest challenges. Drone video production allows for a new perspective of your event by providing a full video experience to your customers.

If you work in hospitality, your biggest challenge is creating a unique marketing campaign. Videos promoting your business should be engaging to your audience. By telling your story with drone video production services, you're giving an innovative marketing experience that draws customers in.

But drone video production doesn't have to just be an industry video option. Drone footage helps with archeology, crop marks and parch marks, urban studies, and other environmental sciences. Drone video production can show the natural features of land masses and provide the location of lost monuments and tracking features that might be invisible to the human eye. By investing in drone video production for your environmental science project, you can find information that is hard to find on foot.

To learn more about how drone video production can help with your unique project, call the experts at Apex Aerial Photo and Video today and speak to our professionals.

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