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Drone video production

Are you looking for professional aerial photography in Palmetto? The experts at Apex Aerial Photo and Video are here to ensure you're getting only the best aerial images for your aerial photography project. We provide both 2D and 3D images to ensure you're getting the best option for your project.

Our experts provide everything from drone photography to drone video production to 3D virtual tours. Our private pilot is FAA licensed with over 12 years of experience developing and flying UAVs as well as 3 years of experience flying full scale aircrafts. We are fully insured with over $1 million dollars of personal and property liability insurance for aerial photography in Palmetto and the surrounding areas.

Our experts are committed to providing vivid HD aerials through the use of state-of-the-art equipment such as the Phantom Pro and Inspire 2 drones from DJI. Our pilot can also fly a full-scale aircraft to capture images if the drones are unable to complete a project. You can rely on us to capture crisp 20.8 MP photos and 4K/5.2K cinematography.

Whatever project you're looking to complete, our experts can provide customizable solutions to meet your unique project needs. To learn more about how the aerial photography experts at Apex Aerial Photo and Video can help with your Palmetto photo or video project, call us today at 941-306-4344 or complete our online request form.

3D Virtual Tours for your Palmetto Real Estate Company

The last year has tested all forms of businesses by creating a real need for distance buying and selling options. Real estate hasn't been excluded from this. In some states, including California and New York, real estate companies have been labeled as non-essential services. This label put an end to most in-person touring practices.

However, buyers don't want to buy a home sight unseen. Which is why real estate agents across the company have worked to find an alternative to in-person open houses. 3D virtual tours have become a great alternative to in-person showings.

3D virtual tours use 3D camera technology used to create state-of-the-art virtual tours for real estate. We generate more visual perspectives, increase interactive abilities, and create better connections between consumers and properties by creating a digital twin of a physical location. Unlike 2D photographs, a 3D virtual tour gives your buyers a feel for the location by providing them the option to walk through the home for a fully immersive experience.

This option also increases customer engagement by allowing customers the chance to visit your property more than once. If you're providing a 3D virtual tour for a home, a customer can go back and walk through the home at any time, giving them the option to compare layouts as often as they'd like. By being able to engage in a 3D virtual tour, buyers can be comfortable in the knowledge that they're making an informed choice.

To learn more about how a 3D virtual tour can benefit your real estate company in Palmetto, call the aerial photography experts at Apex Aerial Photo and Video today.

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