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Why You Should Hire a Professional Drone Pilot

Why you should hire a professional drone pilot

Aerial photography has become a cost-effective, efficient way to get great photos and videos of large expanses of land. With the addition of drones into the aerial photography market, it has become easier than ever to get the perfect shot for your purposes.

As drones meet the mass market, however, it has become increasingly common for people to engage in recreational drone flying. Once you've figured out how to fly a drone easily, buying a drone with a camera on it and using it for your business seems like a simple solution, right?


There are a number of different factors to take into account when planning for a commercial flight. Below are a few things to keep in mind before you start.

Pilot Certification

Drone flying isn't as easy as it sounds. It's also not without government restriction.

Commercial flying, flights that are for work or business purposes, require an FAA Part 107 certified pilot to adhere to local and federal law. This means that it is against the law to fly without a drone license. These pilots need to be retested every two years and are required to know any laws in your area that might restrict flights. Federal and local laws change constantly, so it's important to have pilots who are keeping up with local laws.

The benefit of hiring a certified drone pilot is that you can be confident the pilot is an expert and you'll get a better product for it.

Quality Product

Most drone cameras have sub-standard lenses, taking wide shots and nothing else. By hiring a professional drone pilot, you aren't just getting a licensed professional, you're also getting a higher quality camera. Whether you're looking to complete a drone video production or a 3D virtual tour, a professional will have the tools necessary to complete your project.

Increased Safety

Safety should be the number one priority in any flight. A licensed drone pilot spends hours learning the FAA rules and regulations to ensure they're adhering to the best safety standards. This includes being aware of the effects temperature, weather, wind, and other environmental factors have on their flights.

Because drones are dangerous and highly expensive, most drone pilots will hold around $1 million in liability insurance. Not only can crashes mean losing an entire drone, but people can also get hurt with the propellers, so having an insured drone pilot is the way to go.

Saving Money

In the long term and the short term, hiring a professional drone pilot saves you money. Not only do drone pilots have their own insurance to protect their drones, they also come with their own equipment. You have no need to invest the time and money to learn how to pilot a drone on your own. Instead, you hire a professional who already has their training completed and comes with years of experience.

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The experts at Apex Aerial Photo and Video offer professional aerial photography options for all your photo and video needs. As the leading aerial photographer in Sarasota, our pilot has over 12 years of experience developing and flying UAVs as well as 3 years of experience flying full scale aircrafts as an FAA licensed private pilot.

Apex Aerial Photo and Video is completely FAA compliant under the part 107 exemption. We are fully insured with over 1 million dollars of personal and property liability insurance. We are committed to providing vivid HD aerials and excellent customer service while maintaining safety as our number one priority. To set up an appointment with the Apex Aerial Photo and Video certified drone pilot for your aerial photography project, give us a call today.

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