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The Importance of 3D Virtual Tours for Real Estate

The importance of 3d virtual tours for real estate

Historically, real estate photography has included several 2D images of a home that are posted near the real estate listing. These images are meant to entire buyers to view the property in person, but are unable to give a clear grasp of the space as a whole.

Over the last year especially, home showings and open houses have come to a standstill. Some states, such as California and New York, have labelled real estate companies as nonessential services and put an end to all in-person practices.

That doesn't mean you're being expected to buy a home, sight unseen. Instead, real estate agents across the country have found alternative view options. 3D virtual tours have become a great alternative to in-person real estate showings.

The Difference 3D Virtual Tours Makes

3D virtual tours generate more visual perspectives, increase interactive abilities, and create better connections between consumers and properties by creating a digital twin of a physical location.

Regular real estate photography requires buyers to do the imaginative work of connecting the photographs together to get a feel for the overall space whereas 3D virtual tours provide a full 3D model of the building that allows a home buyer to explore each room completely with 360 degree movement.

The 3D virtual tour option is highly interactive and captivates your audience better than any still image ever could. This option also increases customer engagement by allowing customers the chance to visit your property more than once. Whether your buyers want to walk through a home again or remember a certain spacing option, this is a great option for your home showing.

Hiring a Professional

There are a lot of virtual tour options online. Whether you're looking at social media websites or think a DIY option is for you, you can find a source online that will instruct you on how to get a virtual tour without hiring a professional. But 3D virtual tour options are simple to ruin and hard to get perfect.

By hiring aerial photography experts who work with multiple 3D video and photographic perspectives, you can be sure you're getting the best quality 3D touring option no matter the property. The aerial photography experts at Apex Aerial Photo and Video utilize 3D camera technology to create state-of-the-art virtual tours for everything from real estate to hotels to retail spaces.

If you're looking for a reliable, high-quality 3D virtual tour created by a great aerial photography company, call Apex Aerial Photo and Video today and set up an appointment to start your new real estate tour.

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